Shane Lopes Photography

Sofi Tukker

As a commercial photographer most days you’re either working in a windowless studio shooting E-commerce, working with executive types shooting corporate headshots, or in most cases staring at a computer screen sending out a million emails and hoping someone finally gets back to you; but today was different. For this shoot I got to put my creative thought process in full gear and shoot the LA Weekly Coachella cover which featured the amazing duo Sofi Tukker. 

One of my favorite things about working with LA Weekly is the general creative freedom I’m given. For this assignment I had full range to shoot whatever I thought would work best for the issue as well as the talent (Sofi Tukker). I really wanted to highlight my use of color with this shoot so I decided my best bet would be to work in studio where I have a bit more control of the elements. We shot at one of the many FD Studios located in downtown Los Angeles, which I have to say have really grown on me in the past few years. Considering the price point they’re one of my preferred studios when my budget is a bit tight (and no I was not paid to say that).

Of the 3 hours I had to work with Sofi Tukker hundreds if not thousands of frames were captured. Of the many frames I narrowed my selects down to just a few, and of those few I believe only 5 were actually published by LA Weekly. Here are a few more of the photos in case you were curious. 

Location: FD Studios 

Digital Tech: Kaitie Brainerd 

Photo Assist: Malena Celeste 

Wardrobe: Kait Lusk

Hair & Makeup: Sher Vasquez

MGMT: Ultra Music

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