Shane Lopes Photography

Staying Fit

As a professional photographer in Los Angeles, I find myself constantly racing to keep my portfolio fresh and up to date with current aesthetics as well as my own creative vision. Because of this, I’m constantly working to set up various types of test shoots with other talented artists found  throughout the city of Los Angeles. 

The great thing about putting together a test shoot is the ultimate creative freedom I have. I have the opportunity to bring to life any idea or concept that I can think of, and when working with the right team of creatives, the possibilities are endless. The not so amazing part about working on a test shoot is the simple fact that no one is getting paid jack S##t and in most cases I’m actually sinking a fair amount of cash into each project. As a result I’ve had to come up with some creative ideas to get around budget restrictions so I suppose that would be the silver lining in not getting paid.

Lately I’ve been working to expand my fitness and athletic portfolio so that’s exactly what this test was all about. I was lucky enough to work with three amazingly talented athletes/models and found an equally great  location to match my creative vision. 

Of the few hours I spent shooting easily a thousand images were captured. Of the thousands I managed to edit them down to just a dozen or so. Here are all of my top picks from the shoot. 

Location: FD Studio’s Olympic 

Talent: Miska Sykora

                Everett Borne 

                Heather Castro

Digital Tech: Kaitie Brainerd 

Hair & Makeup: Joyce Dang

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