Shane Lopes Photography

Vans (well kinda)

With Covid freeing up a lot of my time this year I decided to put together a test shoot for a brand I’ve always loved and have wanted to work with, Vans!  

Lifestyle photography normally isn’t my style but for the opportunity to work for Vans I thought I would gladly give it a shot. Just like any great lifestyle photographer I decided a sunset shoot on the rooftop of my building would be a great location for my photoshoot. 

Luckily for myself I have two badass friends Whitney Nielsen and Bern Blum that not only were the perfect talent for the shoot but were more than eager to help out! 

Putting my desire to light every scene aside and working with the natural available light I channeled my inner teen and banged out a solid set of images I was stoked to have. 

Vans if you happened to be reading this I have the dream team assembled! LETS DO THIS

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